How to Start Bird Watching

Bird watching is a hobby anybody, regardless of age or gender, can enjoy. If you have ever awakened to the beautiful melody of birds chirping and singing then you will agree that bird watching can be an enjoyable pastime. The best part is that you don’t have to be an expert to become a bird watcher. Here is a look at the steps on how to start bird watching.

1. Start with bird listening


You can go outside then close your eyes and listen to the magical melodies of nature. focus on the sounds of the birds and within no time, you will be able to filter out all other sounds and only concentrate on the birds chirping.


Now open your eyes and try to identify where the sounds are coming from. Move towards the sound. Can you spot the bird doing all the singing? How close can you get before the bird sees you and flies away? By now you should be curious as to the actual name of the birds you have just spotted.


2. Purchase a bird watching equipment


There are certain measures you can take if you want to attract birds to where you are and have a closer look. You can erect bird houses, bird feeders or bird baths around your garden. Birds looking for food or water will surely come to your garden.


A field guide will help you identify the local species around your area. This is a book with illustrations of birds and how you can identify them.


Wild birds are hard to tame and they easily get scared away. So you will need to watch them from a distance. In this case, you will need a pair of binoculars.


Camouflage clothes will also help you blend into your background to get a closer look at the birds without startling them.


In your list of equipment to get, a diary is also important to record your bird sightings.


3. Watch birds and feeding time


Put some seeds into your feeder, sit back and enjoy your view. Observe the birds that come to eat and note their sizes, beak shape, color flight patterns and wingspan.


A good tip for this experiment is to vary the food to attract different types of birds. Peanut butter will attract many types of birds including cardinals and woodpeckers. Cockatiels and songbirds like seeds.


4. Join a bird watching club


The best way a beginner can learn more about bird watching is by joining a bird watching club. This means you will have a chance to go bird watching with experienced bird watchers. They will impart wisdom and knowledge that will greatly expedite the learning process. They will also recommend the best magazines, websites and other publications that will impact your knowledge and skills.

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5. Timing


Timing is very key as you will only be able to spot certain birds at certain longitudes and latitudes and at different times of the year. Since birds migrate a lot, certain types will only be found in certain regions at a specific time of the year. Your local bird watching club will be in a better position to guide you through on the best time to go out for bird watching.